Something strange is going on in your neighbor’s house? Weird sounds out of there, bizarre things happening, odd behavior of the neighbor himself? 

If it reminds you of your real life situation, sorry, we cannot help you. But if you recognized the description of the Hello Neighbor game while reading, you are one of us.

Hello, the Hello Neighbor player, if you are on this page, then you are definitely searching for something about this game on the web. Now you finally have found the right place to be. This is the website dedicated to the Hello Neighbor, and we are the team of creators who are obsessed with this prominent title.

There are lots of reasons why we became Hello Neighbor-addicted and decided to start the webpage for this game. 

  • Cool cartoonish graphics make us feel like we are inside the well-driven cartoon, and that’s a great sensation.
  • The abruptness of game events: you never know what happens next thanks to the well-developed AI.
  • The excitement throughout the play: your nerves are on edge all the time. Say hello to all these creepy mannequins. 
  • The unlimited opportunities for experiments: so many doors to open, so many hidden rooms to discover, so many mysteries to unravel. 

If you feel the same excitement with the Hello Neighbor game as we are, stay tuned to our site updates. Let’s try to reveal all the neighbor’s secrets together!