Huge Patch 1.3 live. Modkit Update Required Dear Hello Neighbors fans! Christmas is gone but presents aren't! We have a great surprise for you! The newest update is a >1gb download and contains plenty of new features to the original Hello Neighbor game!  Changelog: Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.20.3; Did extra optimization; The Neighbor gets a vacuum cleaner! He’s now able to catch you in previously unreachable places; Fixed an issue with cutscenes not working properly after using binoculars; Fixed the Neighbor’s dream in the chair; Added SFX of the Neighbor being hit when you throw objects at him; Improved the inventory system; Fixed door animations; Fixed artifacts appearing when you look through the keyhole; Fixed animation issues when grabbing large objects; Fixed a bug when the player dies when on the train; Fixed a teleportation bug on the train; Fixed the School cutscene; Changed the visual effect for the strong throw; The game now pauses itself when minimized; Changed the acceleration of the mouse; Fixed a few places where the Neighbor might get stuck; Now the Neighbor can knock a door out even if you’re looking through its keyhole; Now the Neighbor can catch you in the bathroom and on beds; Added materials for hot tea pots; Fixed an issue with player positioning when under the bed; Fixed several object collision issues. Modkit Upgraded to version 4.20.3; You need to repackage your mods for it to work properly. Continue Reading